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How much do you know about the error range of laser cutting machine processing accuracy?

In fact, the processing effect of laser cutting machine is very good, so you can rest assured that the use of laser cutting machine processing, but after a period of time, many factors will lead to a certain reduction in the processing accuracy of laser cutting machine, so you know the processing accuracy error of laser cutting machine?

The processing precision of laser cutting machine is the main standard parameter used to measure the quality of machine tool. In the process of equipment sales, sales staff will describe the processing performance of the product in detail. Laser cutting machine processing accuracy is mainly within the error range of 0.5 mm, and some manufacturers provide high precision laser cutting machine tool processing accuracy of 0.3 mm, but generally speaking, there is still a certain range of error cutting accuracy, which is what we call the processing tolerance.

Laser cutting machine processing is based on the design of enterprise cutting drawings. Generally speaking, the dimensions of the cutting drawings of parts are clearly marked with tolerance areas and values. Considering that the tolerance zones of the cut parts are not in the same position, it may be necessary to eliminate the tolerance zones by a variety of process methods during actual cutting.

In the programming of laser cutting machine, if the method and skills are used properly, it is of great significance to ensure and improve the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools. Many dimensions of the parts have tolerances, and the position of the tolerance zone cannot be consistent. However, NUMERICAL control programs are usually programmed according to the outline of the part, that is, according to the basic dimension of the part, ignoring the influence of the position of the tolerance zone. Thus, even if the precision of CNC machine tools is very high, the machined parts may not meet their dimensional tolerance requirements.

In machining method, radius compensation can be used to compensate the influence of cutting tolerance. This method is relatively simple for the actual cutting operation. The specific idea is still to program the laser cutting machine control system according to the basic dimensions, that is, to calculate and program the parts according to the basic dimensions, and use the same turning tool to process the outer circle, but not in the process of machining different tool radius compensation values used for the same tolerance zone. In this way, we need to know the radius of the tooltip arc (the machining path of this part is parallel to the X and Z axes, so there is no need to know the radius of the tooltip arc), so it is not convenient to use, can only be used for some CNC systems.

The above machining methods may be complicated in the later cutting operation. At the initial stage of cutting, it is also possible to modify the size of the cutting parts according to the drawing requirements to eliminate the influence of the tolerance zone. The specific idea is to change the position of basic size and tolerance zone; The realization is to adjust the basic size and tolerance zone position on the premise of keeping the size of the part unchanged.

It is generally adjusted according to the symmetrical tolerance zone and the basic dimensions and tolerances after adjustment. Program according to the adjusted basic size to ensure the machining accuracy with the same turning tool and the same tool compensation value (at this time the machining path is parallel to the X axis and z axis, no tool compensation is required). Of course, if the part has to be finished (such as fine grinding), the base size can be slightly increased (the tolerance band is not symmetrical) to ensure sufficient grinding allowance.